The courses that I have taught at Carnegie Mellon draw on my interdisciplinary training in cultural anthropology and modern European history.

My hope is that my courses would inspire students to become intent listeners, articulate speakers, effective writers, and politically engaged citizens in a global world.

Some of the courses I have taught so far include:

  • Global Studies Capstone Research Seminar
  • Introduction to Science and Technology Studies
  • The Other Europe: From the Habsburgs to Communism
    • Social and Political Change in 20th century Central and Eastern Europe (an earlier version)
  • Politics of Science and Technology during the Cold War (Freshman Seminar)
  • The Politics and Culture of Memory
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • “Unwanted”: Refugees, Stateless People, and International Migration
  • Methods and Theory in Historical Studies (Graduate Level)

It has been a true privilege to mentor the bright and hard-working students of Carnegie Mellon. I am learning so much from them!